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Your parents BANNED you from going to church? Whoa.  And I love a girl in sweats.  ;-)  When I was in junior high, they finally had to ban short-shorts, because certain girls walked around with their ass cheeks hanging out.  Sweats don't seem that provocative in comparison. 


My parents were really not keen on the whole sweatpants/PJ pants thing either. I managed to wear them to school a few times (in retrospect: mistake) but after awhile my mom put her foot down.

It still blows my mind about the church thing.


I don't get the sweatpants thing. I understand not wearing pjs to school but jogging pants?

And I have no comment on the church thing. I don't get it but I have no comment.


Yeah, my parents and I had a bit of an ongoing conflict when it came to my .... religious choices.

We had similar rules in junior high and high school, and it extended to low cut shirts, guys exposing their boxers, and showing off your stomach. It was only ever enforced in junior high, though.


I think the sweatpants thing is something common to most parents. I did the PJ pants thing too, and I agree, that was definitely a fashion mistake.

And yeah.....the church thing. *rolls eyes*


I think it might be easier to get away with if I were trying now, because yoga pants are more popular. But baggy sweatpants? I could never get away with those.

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