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[this is good] This is excellent. You rock with your logic and sense-making. And this—"Essentially, we should force people to become uncomfortable in order to make you more comfortable?" has always driven me nuts, though of course (and maybe especially because) it works both ways; sometimes here people demand that their religious belief supercede someone else's disbelief in ways that aren't really sound or respectful. However, wearing a garment on one's face cannot possibly qualify. 


This is too good to be neighborhood only, if I may speak somewhat intrusively. All Vox should read this. But perhaps you don't wish to engage the same sorts of addled comments that spurred you to write it in the first place. 


Oh, well, thank you! I forgot I had it marked as neighborhood only, I did that because I wasn't sure if I was going to be embarrassed about writing it in the morning. I'll open it up.

The thing I don't understand is that it's not like the woman was being disruptive. She wasn't shouting or threatening anyone, all she wanted was to get on the bus. If you are uncomfortable with her covering her face, that's your problem, not hers.


Just to clarify, I don't mean if you specifically are uncomfortable. I just couldn't figure out a less awkward phrasing.


I think it's actually super weird that anyone even noticed or cared. But I am fortunate to live in a region populated by people from almost every country in the world. It's very much NBD to me, and always surprises me when people think it matters what others do or wear, even when it isn't physically interrupting their space. And when is it doing that? Pretty much never. 


Someone else suggested that we should ban the wearing of all visible religious symbols. No crosses, yarmulkes, Hijabs, Niqabs, Sikh turbans, nothing.

That's a law in France!* No "conspicuous religious symbols" allowed in public schools. Students have been expelled for refusing to take off their headscarves. It makes me absolutely livid. I read somewhere that some Muslim students are now attending Catholic private schools so they can continue wearing headscarves.



[this is good] Awesomely reasoned, fantastically presented. Your professor would be so proud of you!

Empress Nasi Goreng

[this is good] Ugh.  We get this sort of thing in the Sydney papers all the time.  I absolutely hate it.  Usually the people commenting have never even met a Muslim or have any idea about the signficance of the head covering.  Would they carry on so much if it was a Catholic nuns habit?  I think not. 


Oh yeah, I forgot about that! Man, I don't know. I think that undermining someone's freedom of religion is just so wrong. Your religious choices just don't seem like they should be anyone else's business. Gah.


Thanks! I think my prof would like it too. He tends to rant like this as well. ;-)


I said that about the nun's habit when I was complaining about this to someone else yesterday. And really, if it was just me wearing a winter scarf up to my nose (not at all uncommon here), no one would say boo. It's just because it's a symbol of a religion that so many people fear because they don't understand. 

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